Motorcycle , Go Kart , Quad Twin Roller Rolling road Dyno

Car , Van , Truck 2WD Performance Rolling Road Dyno

At Ozmo Motorsport we have two rolling road dynamometers ( dyno) in our performance centre to cater for all your needs

Our car dyno is 2wd for now but we will be upgrading to a 4wd in the near future. FWD OR RWD cars can be used on the dyno 

When we remap your vehicle on the dyno, power delivery will be smooth and reliable. It will, however, retain its original driving characteristics and safety features. Because we use high precision tools such as our top of the range two wheel drive dyno, our industry leading Dynapro t62-lcc TWIN ROLLER motorcycle dyno and various forms of data-logging on both dynos

We don't just do tuning , we hire out our dyno to you or can do dyno runs etc to measure your vehicles power whether its a bike, car , van , truck , go kart, quad etc ...

Group / club bookings welcome

For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us 

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