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Mileage Correction

 We specialize in Mileage Correction, If you have the wrong miles entered in your dashboard from a MOT test i.e the tester wrote wrong mileage down on ticket , or you've changed your engine and would like it to match , or you've changed your dashboard etc and would like it to match up then we can do this for you

We are Dorset’s number 1 remap tuning specialist, we are also the longest established ecu tuning experts in the area.

Our Pricing Structure :

Mileage Correction starts from £100 per vehicle 

please note this can be negotiable pricing for repeat or fleets of vehicles etc 

Please note it is NOT ILLEGAL for us to perform mileage correction, providing your not using this to change the cars history to sell on without notifying the buyer 

Please enquire with us via telephone or email so we can quote you accurately as each vehicle is priced individually 

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