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At Ozmo Motorsport we write/develop all our own software with our expert electronic calibrators which gives us the ability to provide you (the customer) with the exact results you are looking for your motorcycle

When we remap your bike on the dyno, power delivery will be smooth and reliable. It will, however, retain its original driving characteristics and safety features. Because we use high precision tools such as our Dynapro t62 LCC series TWIN ROLLER dyno,

We are specialists in BMW MOTORRAD TUNING

Ozmo Motorsport confidently guarantees the most precise configuration available. Whether you want a complete Remap of your ecu or we can supply , fit and custom tune Power Commander ecu controllers and expertly tuned with our official software, we can also 

All of our software be is always dyno developed in the first instance which ensures we accurately monitor:

Air Fuel Ratios (AFR’s)

It is important to ensure optimum AFR is achieved in order to ensure that stoichiometric mixture. This in basic terms means that the engine isn’t running lean or rich fuel mixture. This is also important in ensuring that your engine is MOT compliant. This is all measured accurately using our state of the art AFR logging machine built into our industry leading Dyno.


Although we always prefer to set your motorcycle up on our dyno, In conclusion whether you decide upon having your vehicle set up on our dyno or choose the convenience of our mobile ecu remapping service you can rest assured that all our remaps are developed and tested to provide good, safe and reliable tuning. Never will we operate outside of the engines capabilities on standard components as your vehicles reliability is as important to us as it is to you.

For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us

There are many brands of bikes - please contact us with yours and we will tell you what we can do, different brands have different procedures so costs are strictly custom for each booking and not a set price. 

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